With this weather, we might all be better staying at home in our Swivel recliner chairs!

At least that way you will know you can relax, or would you rather be sat in your car in a traffic jam rather than sitting in the comfort of your own home with your feet up and then being able to push back in your swivel recliner chair and smile to yourself as you think of the others struggling to get to their destinations or to get back home!

The trouble with living in the UK is that if you are going north the good weather is in the south or if you go west then the sun shines in the east of the UK. It seems to be the same every bank holiday and as this is the last of the year until Christmas it is far better to be back home, able to do whatever you want or whatever your partner decides you need to do! Once all that is done though your swivel recliner chair awaits you. no sitting in a bed and breakfast watching the rain or in a hotel bar drinking when you don’t really want to because there is not a lot else to do!

Swivel recliner chairs are so comfortable nowadays and most come with matching footstools to make you life even more enjoyable. Some have built in footstools and are electrically controlled so it is just you touching a button to recline as your footrest extends to support you totally.

So where would you rather be this Bank holiday at home in a relaxing swivel recliner chair or out in crowds of people or in traffic jams?

With a fantastic range of swivel recliner chairs available, you should look at wwwmobilityproducts4u.org to see just how easy it is to select the chair that will be most comfortable for you.