It had been a couple of years since I last saw Peter and when I saw him coming towards me I had that guilty feeling that I suppose we all get when we are in this situation.

However I need not of worried as he grasped my hand and said “I never did thank you properly Robert” I wondered what he was talking about but he continued, “You persuaded me to get that stairlift fitted and it just made so much difference to the wife’s last couple of years, I would never have thought of having a stairlift without your help”

Fusion Studio TIFF File

Fusion Studio TIFF File

I felt embarrassed but told him I was pleased that he had found it useful with getting his wife up and downstairs and he went on to tell me that he now used it himself and really didn’t know how he would be fixed without it. We then chatted about the important things in life, such as how our respective football teams where doing and if Wales would be a better team than England during the world cup qualifiers.

As we both went our separate ways I thought to myself about the numbers of people here in North Wales who were in similar positions as Peter and his wife had been before I had suggested the stairlift to them. Stairlifts are so simple to have installed and the can be measured and fitted to virtually any staircase, whether they are simple straight stairs or perhaps very narrow ones or even those lovely curved staircases that some people have.

The thing is if you have someone who is struggling to get up and down stairs because of something as bad as arthritic joints that make it virtually impossible to get your legs to carry them up the stairs or a person who has a long term but terminal illness who doesn’t want to feel as though they need to spend the rest of their lives trapped downstairs then a stairlift can bring back freedom that you know you and they want.

There is the conception that stairlifts are expensive but whilst yes they can start from around the £1500.00 mark if you think that you will probably have it in use for a minimum of say five years then the cost is very little indeed. If you utilise the service of a stairlift twice a day for the whole five years (down once and back up to bed later) then each trip will cost less than 42 pence. That’s less than the cost of most daily newspapers for a freedom in life that you had forgotten about.

It was good to see Peter again and we promised to keep in touch more regularly and I will make sure I do and I hope I can help other people in similar situations to enjoy the benefits of having a stairlift fitted to their home!