stairlifts north walesStairlifts are now available here in North Wales and can be so beneficial for anyone with mobility restrictions. If like me you should be unfortunate enough to suffer with arthritic joints you will know just how painful it can be to bend your knees or get your ankles in the right sort or position to go up or down stairs.

Now there is no longer the need to suffer those pains, by having a new Companion stairlift fitted in your house by our expert technicians you will be able to get up and down stairs at the touch of a button.

Suddenly it will mean you are able to utilise easily all parts of your house and the problematical stairs will become a thing of the past. With safety in mind all our stairlifts are fitted with a lap belt which operates in exactly the same way as a seat belt on a plane but fortunately you will not be going as high as most planes do! It does mean however that for your journey up or down the stair way you will be both safe and secure.

Once you arrive at the top or bottom, depending on which way you are going, it is just a matter of undoing the lap belt and then walking away.

Your new stairlift will be manufactured with both you and your home in mind and so our team will check your property for any problems that may need resolving such as a doorway at the bottom of your stairs, we can arrange for a power hinged fitting which means that the bottom of the track can move easily out of the way to allow full use of your doorway.

Each stairlift is made to measure and preassembled ready to slot easily into place once our engineers arrive, it will be done easily and quickly yet professionally with minimal inconvenience to you.

We offer straight or curved stairlifts and whatever your hall and stair way are like we can ensure you have the best possible stairlift for your needs. If space is at a premium we can also arrange for a slim fitting stair lift which means that others can use the stairs as normal when the actual stairlift is not in use.

Every stairlift fitted comes with the peace of mind of a full 12 months parts and labour guarantee and after that our service can continue with a tailor made plan that suits you. We can even offer to reupholster the seat and footrest for you should you choose to chance your d├ęcor at any time.

Now here in north Wales we are able through the use of our stairlifts able to give you back your freedom and independence, stop being a prisoner with only one half of your home available to you by having a new stairlift tailor made for you.