stairlifts north walesStair lifts have been long associated with the elderly who need that extra assistance getting around the home, but in reality, this doesn’t always ring true. Broad spectrums of users rely on stairlifts daily to improve their independence and quality of life.

Anyone who has ever suffered from knee or hip problems will know that stairs will be the biggest battle of the day. And with these kinds of pains usually being of a long-term nature, your stairs can be a constant reminder of your health problems. Particularly first thing in the morning or in the evening is when you are most likely to suffer from more pain than usual but this is when you will use your stairs most.

Arthritis is something that affects over around 8 million people in the UK according to the NHS and mostly those aged 40 or over (2017). It will affect the smooth cartilage lining of your joints, causing it to roughen and thin out. Sufferers can get a tremendous amount of stiffness and pain as result. Tendons and ligaments need to work harder to as a result which is why you will often find swelling a common side effect of this debilitating illness. Stairlifts north wales will be of great benefit to arthritis sufferers who find it painful getting up and down their stairs.

Parkinson’s disease is an illness that can cause tremor, rigidity, balance and slowness of movement. Sadly with no known cure, Parkinson’s disease will worsen over time making it difficult for sufferers to move as they should be able to. Stairs can be dangerous for people with this disease, as they are unable to react as you normally would to a trip or a loss of balance. A stairlift can be a safer alternative to those who don’t wish to move home allowing them to be safely transported between each floor.

Stairlifts today are very versatile and can be placed in almost any home. In style, they have come along leaps and bounds, no longer the big, bland and bulky things they used to be. Today, they are very elegant in design and can be upholstered to suit your taste perfectly. Speak to an expert about how you can benefit from a stair lift today at mobility products 4 U.