All About Adjustable Mattresses

What Are They?

An adjustable mattress is just like a normal mattress, however, it can be electrically adjusted. Usually made from high quality materials such as memory foam, these provide extra comfort and support.

Key Features

Here are some optional features to think about when buying:

  • Memory foam
  • Layer of reflex
  • Breathable Maxi Cool soft touch fabric
  • micro quilted cover
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-turn mattress
Top Brands

Some key brands to keep note of:

  • Bodyease
  • Therapy Adjustable Beds
Useful Resources

We recommend purchasing your adjustable mattress from Mobility Products 4 U. Ran by Robert Winchurch, the company is passionate about providing the best advice and products on the market.

Robert started his business after retiring from 50 years in retail, he wanted to make a difference and now dedicates his time to providing quality mobility products online.

Click here to visit Mobility Products 4 U

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